HBC 5th Grade Intramural Program

This is the home page for all information related to the HBC 5th Grade Intramural Program.


5th Grade Clinic Info

Clinics are open all 5th Graders enrolled in the Howell Public Schools

  • Clinic sessions will start January 2024
  • HBC will hold separate clinic sessions for boys and girls
  • Clinic sessions last for ~1.5 hours
  • Please refer to the Schedule available in the TeamSnap app following player registration for the most up to date Clinic schedule.

5th Grade Intramural League Info

  • Players from Clinics will be selected to represent each school in Intramural League play starting in January/February 2024
  • Practice sessions will be limited and scheduled based on court and coach availability.
  • Games will generally be played in the Howell Schools gym facilities.
  • Games will start between 4:00 and 4:30 PM