The HBC Rec Program offers basketball opportunities for players from Kindergarten through 12th Grade living in Howell and Farmingdale.  Participation is based strictly on current Grade level in school.  The 2023-24 season will run for a total of 10 weeks starting in December and continuing through early-March. All activities will be held in the Howell Public School gyms across town.  

Leagues for players in 3rd through 8th Grade provide a one hour practice slot for each team during the week.  Our High School Leagues do not practice during the week, but they do play weekly games on Saturdays.

The Instructional Program (Kindergarten - 2nd grade) is held on Saturday mornings offering an introduction to the game of basketball in a fast paced and fun environment with a combination of basic skill work and scrimmages.  All 2nd Graders will participate in 5 weeks of skill work/scrimmages followed by 5 weeks of full scale games as they prepare for League play starting in the 3rd Grade.

The Registration fee for the full Rec season is $175 for a single child. The Registration fee for our Instructional Program is $150. A family discount of $30 will be deducted from the cost of each additional sibling that plays when registered at the same time.


HBC Recreation & Instructional Registration

Boys Rec Leagues

Girls Rec Leagues

HBC Rec League - Gym Locations (Saturdays)

DivisionRec Gym Session/Game Locations (Saturdays)
Boys and Girls InstructionalHowell Middle School South
Boys - 3rd GradeHowell - Land O'Pines Elementary
Boys - 4th GradeHowell - Greenville Elementary
Boys - 5th GradeHowell - Newbury Elementary (front gym)
Boys - 6th GradeHowell - Newbury Elementary (front gym)
Boys - 7th GradeHowell - Memorial Elementary
Boys - 8th GradeHowell - Middle School North
Boys High School - All GradesHowell Middle School North and Howell Middle School South
Girls - 3rd/4th GradesHowell - Land O'Pines Elementary
Girls - 5th/6th GradesHowell - Adelphia Elementary
Girls - 7th/8th/9th GradesHowell - Memorial Elementary